We offer overnight boarding only to dogs that have completed one of our training programs.
Our boarding program is designed to keep your dog stimulated and engaged. No lazing around the kennels allowed here! Your dog may do some brush up training, agility play, attend a group session or interact with day care groups or training dogs.

Feeding is twice per day, with your dog's food provided by you (no upset tummies from food changes!).

When it is time to rest, your dog will stay in a roomy kennel with a comfy cot to sleep on (you're also welcome to bring a favorite blanket or bed) in our clean, climate-controlled kennel building.


  • $60 per day, with pick up before 2:00 p.m.
  • $75 per day on any stay that includes a National holiday
  • Pick up 2:00-6:00pm will be an additional ½ day rate
  • Pick up will not be available after 6:00pm

Program Enrollment requirements

  • Puppies and dogs must be current on all vaccinations. While we do not require the bordatella vaccine, we do highly recommend it.
  • Puppies must have a negative fecal test result no earlier than two weeks prior to arrival.
  • Dogs must arrive and depart on leash. They must remain on leash during group classes and socials unless trainers instruct you to drop the leash. We ask that your dog be on his training collar when he arrives for group classes. If he has outgrown it, bring it along, and we'll gladly either add links or exchange it. Also, please have your dog on a standard flat leash, no flexi leashes please.
  • If your dog is on a medicine regimen during their stay with us, medications must be in original, vet labeled bottle. This is for prescribed medications only, we are happy to continue any supplements or vitamins your dog is taking.