About Us

About Us

Anne Sparks, founder and trainer for The Balanced Dog K-9 Center.

​Hi everyone. My primary goal at The Balanced Dog K-9 Center is to help families that are struggling with their dogs with respect to "out of control" behaviors. I have an absolute passion for this as I spent two years struggling with one of my own dogs and nothing I tried worked to "fix" her. I spent a small fortune on trainers and tools, everything from standard leash and collar to halters to harnesses. Not to mention dog gates everywhere in my house and actually dividing my yard into two, to keep her separate from my other dogs. Nothing worked until I found balanced training and some amazing trainers who are doing phenomenal work with dogs every day, and some really serious dogs at that.

I tried the tools and techniques they demo'd and oh my gosh, they worked! I was hooked. Anyone reading this who has been in a really tough spot with one of their dogs will know just what I'm talking about. Being able to have a relationship with my dogs that is based on trust and mutual respect is one of the best feelings I know. Being able to include them in my life to a greater extent than I ever dreamed possible is amazing. Can we help your dog and your family? Then let's get started!

There are also dogs in our local shelters who are being repeatedly passed over by people planning to adopt a shelter dog, due to behaviors like jumping, mouthing or they are unable to walk calmly on a leash. It is my hope to train shelter and rescue volunteers how to work with these dogs and improve their chances of finding a home. So many animals in shelters are euthanized due to behaviors that can very often be changed or eliminated with basic obedience training. Many, if not most of those dogs are young, healthy animals that could offer years of pleasure and companionship in a family, if only they had the opportunity. It is very important to me to help as many of them as I am able! Anne Sparks, founder and trainer, The Balanced Dog K-9 Center

My Mission

​To provide excellent and reliable obedience training for dogs, using the most effective and humane tools and techniques available.