Don't Give Up on Your Dog Due to Bad Behavior

Ask about our dog behavior modification services in Midland, TX

You love your dog, but that doesn't mean you love their aggressive behavior. Countless dog owners have surrendered or rehomed their dogs over seemingly insurmountable behavioral issues. The Balanced Dog wants to keep you from joining their ranks. We offer dog behavior modification services in Midland, TX. Choose the dog behavior modification and boarding program if you're on the verge of surrendering your dog. For $2250, we'll create a custom training program designed to change the idea of what's acceptable and unacceptable to your dog. You can trust us to change the way your aggressive dog acts through proper training.

Call 432-260-4892 today to learn more about our aggressive dog training options. We're always happy to answer your questions.

More than just simple commands

More than just simple commands

The Balanced Dog does more than just teach your dog a few new tricks. We keep your dog at our facility for an extended period of time, immersing them in a training and household management regimen.

We offer the following programs:

  • $1,800 three-week training and boarding: Choose this program if your dog's behavior is problematic, but not necessarily threatening. We'll teach them good public and household manners, including how to sleep in a crate and play with other dogs.
  • 10-day puppy training and boarding: We'll instill basic obedience, household manners and socialization skills into your puppy over a 10-day period.





Each program includes scheduled sessions for you to come to our facility in Midland, TX and work with your dog on the things they've learned. We'll keep you up to date on their progress by sending you videos and pictures.

Contact The Balanced Dog now to sign up for one of our training programs. In the unlikely event that your dog doesn't reach the proper training level, we'll add a week to your training program at no additional cost.