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Maybe your dog won't stop growling when someone comes over your house. Maybe you're tired of breaking up dog fights whenever you take them outside. Or maybe you just can't get your unruly puppy to pay attention. No matter why you need professional dog training, you can count on The Balanced Dog K-9 Center in Midland, TX to provide it.

We understand the anxiety and frustration that can come from living with an undisciplined dog. In fact, it took our founder three failed attempts with professional trainers to finally find a method that worked for her dog. Now, The Balanced Dog K-9 Center brings that method to you. By focusing on relationship, communication, and solid obedience, we can help your dog live a healthy, happy life.

Call 432-260-4892 today to sign up for our dog obedience school. We offer both group and individual sessions.

Why trust your best friend to The Balanced Dog K-9 Center?

The Balanced Dog K-9 Center is dedicated to providing clients in the Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, TX and Hobbs, NM areas with effective dog training services. You can count on us to help you and your dog because:

We'll create a full training plan based on your dog's behavior

We tailor our dog training services to suit your needs

We can teach you how to communicate with your dog at home and in public

"My dog went through the 2 week board and train program and there is a world of difference! She had never had any obedience training formally before and was a rescue dog. I can comfortably take her with me places now without worry. It is a joy to have her capable of being more involved in my daily life. Thanks Balanced Dog!"

Keith D.

"The Balanced Dog K-9 Center picks up where other trainers leave off. They will succeed where others have failed. If you are at the end of your rope with the dog at the end of your leash, or if you just want them to stop knocking over your toddler and putting muddy paw prints on all your guests, call these people. They care not just about your goals, they care about your dog."

David S.

"Anne, I cannot thank you enough for helping us with Duke! ( a very large, happy and bouncy Doberman puppy)! After your 10 day puppy training, I cannot believe the obedience level he has already achieved and the quantity of commands he knows and obeys! Again, thank you and we recommend puppy training with you is a must!"

Clarissa K.

"Our Goliath went to board and train for 3 weeks. I no longer wanted Goliath I just wanted him gone for a few reasons. I talked with Anne a few times on the phone before Goliath was to arrive and she gave us pointers on what to do with him. The day we dropped him off when I got in the truck to leave I did not think Anne could do anything for him in just 3 weeks. Boy did I have a big surprise just after the first week he was there. Each week I went to work with him I was even more happy. Well our boy came home yesterday a different dog. I fell in love with him all over again. I can not give Anna enough thanks for what she did for Goliath and our family."

Laura P.

"Anne did an amazing job with Milli. Those of you who know milli know it wasn't easy. Lol. Milli can now go on walks now without being so distracted! It's amazing. She can also do so much more and I can't thank Anne enough for helping my crazy dog transform into a balanced dog."

Aly D.

"Awesome trainer! Kodak's behavior has really turned around since we started the training sessions. I would absolutely recommend! I think she spent as much time training me as she spent on Kodak!"

Scott T.

"It's day one since our little girl made it home after three days of training. She's already showing signs of calmness, obedience, and a willingness to learn. Thanks so much! Can't wait for our next three sessions!"

Ash P.

"I took my Cami to 5 of Anne's weekly training sessions. It's incredible the response I have gotten in such a short period of time. She learned place, down, recall, stay, FOCUS, leash manners and much more. I highly recommend the balanced dog!"

Lexi J.

"Anne is a great trainer and is very passionate about dogs and training. Give her a call you and your dog will be glad you did!"

Scott Y.

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